Ágúst Úlfar Sigurðsson, TF3AU mætir í Skeljanes fimmtudaginn 15. febrúar með erindið: „Sagan að baki Collins R-391/URR og R-390A/URR viðtækjunum sem ÍRA fékk að gjöf 19. nóvember 2023“.

Umsögn á netinu: The R 391 is a rare receiver. It is basically an R 390 (not R 390A) with a motorized tuning mechanism that allows a user to program eight channels and select them with a simple rotary switch rather than getting carpal tunnel syndrome or “R 390 wrist” from torque tuning those big knobs that drive endless gear trains, slug racks and cams.

  The R 391 allows you to program in (via memory cams and switches) ten preset channels which can help eliminate a lot of wrist motion. The tuning motor runs on 24 VDC which must be supplied externally. If you don’t care about auto-tuning you can operate it as a normal R 390.

  It’s pretty cool to fire up the 1950s vintage R 391 and compare it to the receiver in my 21st century Icom 756 Pro III. So far, the old 391 can hear anything that the Icom can and the signals sound a lot better on the 391. The 391 is a curiosity”.

QSL stjóri verður búinn að tæma pósthólfið og raða kortum í hólfin. Kaffiveitingar.

Verið velkomin í Skeljanes!

Stjórn ÍRA.


Viðtækin tvö sem TF3AU færði félaginu eru Collins R-391/URR og R-390A/URR.
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